Sunday, 25 October 2009

the facilities that the local community provides....

This blog posting is about the facilities in our area for the local community. But these facilities are not just in the area of Bukit Batok where we live, we see this all over the island.

The local community is very well provided with many walking paths, coffee shops, hawker stalls for food, large BBQ area's, special area's set aside for Tai Chi or personal exercise, multi generational exercise area's, childrens playgrounds, plenty of seating to sit and chat.

All these are set around the HDB (Housing Development Board) flats. This is the Singapore version of public housing that is totally different from the usual public housing that you hear of or see in Hong Kong, USA, Europe or China.

These HDB flats are good quality well built and immaculately maintained government subsidised housing. Very close to the specifications of a condominium but without perimeter fencing and private facilities like swimming pool, club house, tennis courts or a gym. These HDB flats are usually purchased and owned.

You can read a little more about living in a HDB flat in one of my blog posts by clicking HERE.

This first image is of the area across the road from our condo..... about 40 or more people meet each morning for Tai Chi at about 7.00am. It is especially nice to stop to watch them, but also to listen to the soothing and relaxing music.

After school and at weekends this area usually has people playing basketball and other games.

In between all these HDB buildings you see many walkways, most are covered to keep the sun and rain off the people. Some have a few steps, but most have these very easy ramps for the disabled and the older generation. See image below....

The next three images are of the BBQ areas set aside for the residents of the HDB's. A lot of thought and planning has gone into making the local area's very livable for everyone.

..... and a new multi generational exercise area has just been completed close by,

the first few images are of the older exercise area across from us, as seen here.....

and here is John trying out the new exercise area just completed and is past the train station, but only 5 minutes walk from us here at The Jade...

Singapore is to be congratulated on providing all these community activities for the local residents ....... we are impressed with the equipment, the upkeep of them and the cleanliness surrounding these area's.

Kudos to the Singapore authorities and the local residents !!!


Jo said...

Leone - Alex calls the exercise areas in the HDB's and our condo, "Mummy and Daddy's playground!" :)

the_architect said...

Thank you for ur interesting blog! Makes my day :)