Wednesday, 29 December 2010

want to go for a walk?

We are in the garden of the Smokehouse Hotel having Devonshire Tea, do you think we should go for a nice long walk for some exercise?
Perhaps a walk into Brinchang eh? It is just 2 Klms from the hotel so an easy walk after those scones, jam and cream.

Take a right hand turn out of the Hotel, walk to the roundabout and take the left hand road keeping the golf course on your left.
At the T Intersection turn right and keep walking up the hill but be aware of the traffic at all times. During the holiday season it is extremely busy with many trucks, cars and buses.
most of the way into Brinchang there is no designated walkway, so one must walk between the vehicles and be careful of the traffic at all times ...... during the week and out off 'holiday season' it is much easier with less traffic.
it is not only traffic one must watch out for ..... when you do walk along the designated walkways you need to be careful of the ditches and gutters ....
 .... and all the obstacles in the way!
and while we are walking .... watch out for other sights too like a little Muslim girl with a Santa Hat, a 'fairy dress' and cowboy  boots on!
and what else do we see?

Hey ... it's a cafe called STRAWBERRY MOMENTS ....... now that does look interesting!

Can we fit anything else in after the Devonshire Tea? Of course we can ....  we have just done that walk into Brinchang so perhaps we can call in and see what is on the menu.....

loads of Kilojoules ..... but all I am wanting is a bowl of strawberries and yoghurt. How about you?

Just some strawberries and yoghurt too?

everything on the menu except what we are really wanting.
lets just continue on our way and check out the Strawberry Farm instead....

for the delicious strawberries and yoghurt with a dash of honey?

it really is delicious!

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--andy-- said...

hi Leone, we can never have enough scones and strawberries. Oh, have you forgotten about "tomYam+chickenSoup steamboat" in cold weather? Heavenly!