Monday, 25 July 2011

Lady Gaga in Singapore

Lady Gaga's Born This Way Showcase Tour in Singapore
Lady Gaga wowed fans with an incredible performance at her showcase concert at the Marina Bay Sands on July 7 and we were lucky enough to be amongst that 2,000 strong crowd! 

We were very happy to hear that we had tickets to see Lady Gaga's Born This Way show here in Singapore.  Lady Gaga performed the exclusive showcase to SingTel customers in celebration of the telco's newly added features to its music service, AMPed. Can't say I follow her every show, but I enjoy watching her and the talent that she has. I am a fan of any female performer that has guts and determination, especially when they have the courage to bring forth their raw sexuality to the extent that Lady Gaga does.

My first 'model' (of this type of artist) was Suzie Quatro from the 70's, yes, I know, a long time ago .... but she was 'up there' in those days and her music really rocked. It rocked as much as she did. I would go to every concert that was available to me.... her sensuality on stage was to be admired. Here are a couple of images of Suzie Q:

Then next (for me) came Madonna .... there are many people that do not like her or her music, thats totally understandable. But you do have to admire her for her 'business sense' and her ability to give it her all on stage. These women are artists, you have to admire them for what they do.

and Madonna... 

So yes, we were very happy to have these two free tickets to see Lady Gaga in concert here in Singapore.

The venue left a lot to be desired, but hey, when the music is rocking .. who really cares?

Here are a few images of the concert. Not good by any means, but being short does not help and it does not help when there are rude people moving in front of you, taking photos and blocking what little view you had!  I don't mind if they apologise or excuse themselves for a minute or two ... am more than happy to 'share' my viewing spot ... but standing in front of me because you may think I have no interest in such a concert is very wrong and very rude!

So here are just a few images of the Born This Way Showcase Tour:

 It was loud .... it was fun ... it was energy .... it was power ..... it was great!


Lady Gaga is - to me - a modern mix of Suzie Quatro, Madonna or Cyndi Lauper. Depending on what era you are in! She’s the newest 'wild one' creating a party fashion craze that is taking the globe by storm and who thrives on controversy and pushing boundaries with her music and fashion sense!

You can ask any of the 2000 strong crowd that were there on July 7, as I am sure they all enjoyed it as much as we did:

at her press concert  she  said “I’m so happy to back in Singapore, This is one of my favorite countries in the whole world. Thank you for having me back.” The singer later announced that she will visit Singapore with her Born This Way tour next fall.

So watch out for her next visit to Singapore as it is sure to be bigger, brighter, better AND louder than this one was! 

I sincerely thank SINGTEL and Pat from GOODSTUPH 
for giving us the opportunity to attend this 'invite only' show of Lady Gaga's!  
Really appreciate it.

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