Thursday, 8 December 2011

fruit and vegetable carving

Fruit and Vegetable carving plays an important part in many Asian countries to create a beautiful food presentation, in particular in Thailand and Vietnam. Decorative food is a very important part of Vietnamese food culture - as presentation is all-important. It's no easy feat to learn how to carve fruits and vegetables to adorn a plate, but it's certainly worth the effort.

Image below shows just a few of the tools used for this craft:

The Vietnam Cookery Centre in Saigon offer classes in carving as seen in their website below. But you can see many websites dedicated to this fine tradition ....

OR ...

if you are lucky when on one of the Halong Bay Cruises like we were, you maybe shown how to do it too:

the images show the chef creating an eagle from a pumpkin:

the result of many years of practice on board the Dragons Pearl 3 in the art of food carving:

... and my efforts to create a flower from a watermelon:

and the following images of some amazing 'food carvings' are what would be considered from the professionals as seen in the websites below:


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Forest Person said...

Awesome work! May I know where do you get your carving knives?