Sunday, 1 January 2012

the colourful wishing spheres on Marina Bay

Each wishing sphere represents a hope, 
a belief that the New Year will bring new possibilities 
and a brighter tomorrow.

Many people penned their wishes for the New Year on the spheres at the wishing stations located around the island last month. But to see the colourful spectacle of 20,000 balloons on the water of Marina Bay on New Years Eve is certainly amazing!

above: looking across the bay towards One Fullerton.

You may have already seen my blog post on the WISHING SPHERES, in December 2011, well this post is of the spheres seen last night (New Years Eve) on Marina Bay .....  keep in mind, when in Singapore next December and you see the volunteers offering the 'balloons' for you to 'make a wish' for NYE of 2012, make your wish and then go to Marina Bay and see the beautiful display of Wishing Spheres for yourself!

above: looking towards One Fullerton

On December 31 2012 witness your wishing sphere, together with 20,000 plus others filled with the wishes of all Singaporeans and visitors, become part of a visual arts installation in Marina Bay – the Bay of hope and light.

 above: close up of spheres and the Merlion in front of The Fullerton Hotel.

many thanks to the URA [Urban Redevelopment Authority] for the invite to witness NYE at Marina Bay!

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Malinche said...

Hi, thanks for posting this, I was wondering what these balloons were for. We arrived in Singapore only 3 weeks ago and are enjoying every bit. I will read your blog and see what your adventures have been like so far.
Have a nice weekend!!