Thursday, 12 April 2007

Borders Date on Saturday April 7

Saturday April 7 was already "booked" in more ways than one ....... Janine had promised John a "Borders Date" for when she next came to Singapore. So Saturday was 'booked' for the Borders date!

According to both Janine and John the store in Singapore is larger than the ones in Melbourne. After 4 hours John still had not left the computer section and Janine had progressed from the Travel Books to the Music section.

At the store here in Singapore there are two (maybe even more) full time "book cleaners" that go up and down each aisle, taking out a book at a time, wiping, cleaning and then replacing it. Like Janine mentioned, it would be like painting a ship, by the time you finish at one end it would be time to start all over again!

The store hours are:

Monday to Thursday + Sunday: 9.00am to 11.00pm

Friday + Saturday: 9.00am till midnight

So plenty of time to browse, read and spend!

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