Thursday, 19 April 2007

Green bread !!!!

I am not overly keen on eating GREEN colored green vegies like spinach etc, but green drinks or green cakes are not on the top of my "favorite list".

But today I just went over to the little supermarket to get bread, milk and pasta sauce......which I dropped (and naturally it broke) right at the checkout. But thats another story!

But once back at home I opened the bread to have my sandwich for lunch ............yikes, it is GREEN!
I have seen green bread rolls and cake on the shelves, never game to ask what it is let alone try it.
On checking the packet - that looked quite innocent on the supermarket shelf - I see it is called Pandan Bread. Because that does not mean anything to me I "googled" it and came up with:

Pandan (P. amaryllifolius) leaves are used in Southeast Asian cooking to add a distinct aroma to rice and curry dishes such as nasi lemak, kaya ('jam') preserves, and desserts such as pandan cake. They are known as daun pandan in Indonesian and 斑蘭 [bān lán] in Mandarin. Fresh leaves are typically torn into strips, tied in a knot to facilitate removal, placed in the cooking liquid, then removed at the end of cooking. Dried leaves and bottled extract may be bought in some places.
Throughout Oceania almost every part of the plant is used, with various species different from those used in Southeast Asian cooking. Pandanus trees provide materials for housing, clothing and textiles, food, medication, decorations, fishing, religious uses and the manufacture of Dilly Bags (carrying bags). Most important are the mats, which are handwoven from the dried leaves.
Pandan is said to be a restorative, deodorant, indolent and phylactic, promoting a feeling of wellbeing and acting as a counter to tropical lassitude. It may be chewed as a breath sweetener or used as a preservative on foods. It is also said to have flavonoids which are believed to have a variety of healthful properties, including antiviral, anti-allergen, antiplatelet, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant.[citation needed]

and I even found a bread recipe:

Pandan Bread

Water 200ml

PrimaMix High Fibre White Bread Mix 500g

PrimaBake Instant Dry Yeast (sachet included with bread mix) 4g

Fresh Egg 1 no. (50g)

Coconut powderPowder 20g

Pandan Flavour 2 drops

Apple Green Colour 2-3 drops
Pour water into bread pan.
Add bread mix and yeast.
Add egg, coconut powder, pandan flavour and colour.
Select FRENCH setting and press START.


viv said...

My mother used to say, "You're not as green as you're cabbage looking," meaning I'm not as stupid as I look? Sounds like green bread would be good for you anyway?

Lauren said...

But what did it taste like?

Islander said...

We have pandan bread here in the western Pacific Island of Tinian! See Glimpses of Tinian at:

Jae said...

I just bought some! It's delicious! It's slightly sweet and smells coconut/almond-ish.

Jae said...

It's delicious! I just bought some. It's slightly sweet and smells coconut/almond-ish.