Thursday, 5 April 2007

Laundry Day!

Now this 'post' will not be of interest to many people.......but there is one person (sorry, actually two) that are interested in the very basic "living in Singapore" items, like what is my kitchen like, what foods are in the cupboards, where do I shop and how do I do my laundry while living on the 18th floor......

This "post" is for them and they know who they are!!!!

Whilst doing the laundry today I took a few photos of the basic things like the washing machine, the detergents and where I hang the clothes:

Top right hand corner is the washing machine. It is really good and does extra small loads (one hankie?) to the big wash of King Sized Doona Covers!

The middle photo is the detergents, left item is the bleach for coloreds (??), then the bottle with ATTACK + softener on (which I thought was just softener!) and then the liquid laundry detergent. Yep, here I have been adding the detergent AND the Attack/softener 'cos I thought it was just the fabric softener, didn't find this out until last have been using a double dose of detergent and no fabric softener!

Photo top right is the laundry as you come in from the kitchen. The washing machine is immediately on the left. On the right is the window space. (read window space below!) That silver square box you can see is the garbage're right, no longer do we need to remember when garbage night is. Just tie up the plastic bag and pop it in the chute........but IF you put the empty wine bottle in, boy what a racket as it goes all the way down the 18 floors!!!

OK...window space!

Well in the laundry there is a window space, I say "space" 'cos there is no glass in it. Just a grill like structure for safety! But it is a top spot for hanging clothes to dry - as in the lower left of photo. But if you have big items like the King Sized Doona Cover.....then string it out on the balcony as in the lower right of the photo.

There is a dryer.......but why waste power when you can have free breezes blowing like we have here on the 18th floor in a windowless laundry!!!

So there you have it ....

My laundry day.

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