Tuesday, 29 May 2007

flying out of Melbourne

15 mins out of Melbourne
Originally uploaded by Leonefabre.

I had been in Melbourne for 6 days .... not long enough to visit everyone I wanted to.......but long enough to catch up on Doctors visits etc. This photo was taken just 15 mins after take-off from Tullarmarine Airport.
Flight QF 09 from Melbourne to Singapore, departed at 4.00pm on May 24 2007.
Headed west towards Ballarat and over to Adelaide before turning northwards to Uluru (Central Australia), then west across the coast south of Broome to Singapore.
Not exactly sure of the point at which this photo is taken, but can only assume it to be somewhere between Melbourne and Ballarat.

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Su Hashim said...

Hi Leone,

This is a really gorgeous aerial shot....feel like as if you out shooting it out of the plane..very clear, wish I could touch the cotton-like cloud.