Sunday, 6 May 2007


Yep, have been very slack when it comes to keeping up to date with my blog!!!

My excuse is that I have spent a bit of time lately with my photography and trying to improve my skills in that area ........ if you would like to spend a half hour or so browsing thru some of the photos I have taken, then take a look at my Flickr site here:

The above is one of the mosaics I did over the weekend.

All my photos have been divided into SETS, so you can choose what you want to see or not see!

There is a SINGAPORE set, a set just for FUN STUFF, then another for POKEY + OSCAR, one just of OUTBACK AUSTRALIA....and the list goes on.....

Now you can see why I have been SLACK, well slack with my blog, but not my photos. :-)

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shazza said...

I have enjoyed reading your blogs, I don't know you but got your address from maybe AVG Gippsland. I am curious what sort of camera do you own, is it a digital or SLR.