Monday, 10 September 2007

The Cats Whiskers !!!!!!

Black Orchid
Originally uploaded by Leone Fabre.

John and I wanted to go to Chinese Garden yesterday.......not far from where we live. Usually it is free admission, but for the month of September there is a fee of $12.00pp which we did not know about!!

It is because it is the Mid-Autumn Festival.

There is a lot on of an evening and well worth paying the $12.00 to go in after 5.00pm....but all we wanted to do was walk around and maybe find a nice quiet place to sit and read...... and we didn't want to pay the $24.00 for both of us to to do that. :-)

We got back on the train to Jurong, changed trains to go to Bukit Batok, then went to the bus interchange and caught number 106 which drops us off right outside the Singapore Botanical Gardens.

We spent about 4 hours wandering around and it was just another beautiful day that we could spend together. Here is a photo taken of an orchid inside the Orchid Garden section.......I cannot find any reference to this being a "Black Orchid", but would like to know more about it...... will have to keep hunting!!!

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Su Hashim said...

Here's some info for you Leone.

Category: Shrubs
Family Name: Taccaceae
Common Name: Bat Flower, Cat's Whiskers
Origin : Myanmar, Thailand

Requires lots of water.

One of the link I usually refers to :

Have a nice day Leone........