Sunday, 30 December 2007

Me and My MacMonster.......

John took this image of me while we were at Batam on Thursday.

But I am not talking about this as I can now see how old I am getting and that is very depressing...... what happened to me??? The saddest thing is that the body gets older, but you still feel so much younger, think younger and sometimes even act younger. I do not like to see photos of me any more and certainly do not like my photo being taken. But John wanted some of me and this is the result.

Anyway, we purchased a new IMAC for me just before Christmas and yesterday it was delivered ........ now all I have to do is learn how to operate this thing!!!

John got the MiniMac and he is also on a steep learning curve......but with a lot more patience than I. :-)

So far so good....... the only frustrating thing is the screens 'disappear' constantly, well not completely disappear, but move to the side etc...... suddenly what I am working on, can no longer seen!!

I know it comes back again...but I do find it incredibly frustrating. I wish there was a way to 'lock' the work area.

Over time I am sure I will forget all about this part and will get used to it.

I played with Photoshop CS3 today for the first time and worked on a 'bunch of banana's' as seen here:

So am getting happier by the minute with my new computer .......... :-)

We returned home on Thursday evening from a weeks holiday at Batam (Island of Indonesia) we do enjoy anytime we can spend there ....... it is quiet and peaceful. So nice to go to sleep at night listening to the waves rolling in. But more about that in my next posting .

Janine is in Chile where it is now 10.40am Sunday morning.......she will be trekking in Patagonia and enjoying every minute of it. If you care to see her journal/blog check it out here:

She has also posted a few photos up to flickr, but no doubt many more will be there once she arrives back home towards the end of January.

Now better get back to the MacMonster for some more 'learning'!!!

(Cyril, where are you???)

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