Friday, 4 January 2008

it's Pokey's birthday today!!

it's Pokey's birthday today!!
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well it was on January 2nd...... when he turned 11 years old.

but today.......

Stripped the bed to wash the sheets etc....... threw the duvet on the floor ...where else?

washing done, hung out, dishes done etc.....

time for boys to go for a walk.....

uh oh, where is Mr P ????

can't find him anywhere.

called him to no avail.

Got a biscuit, still no show.

Then started with the 'pokey talk' : "where is my little munchkin?"

thump thump thump

ah yes, THE tail.

follow sound of the thump thump thump......

and where does it lead me?

to the duvet laying in a heap on the floor........ suddenly there is movement .....

and another thump thump thump...

yep, the sneaky boy, hiding from his mama.

all snuggled up and nup, no interest in the big outside walk.

He has found a comfy spot for the day and that is where he intends to stay!!!!!!!

thats my munchkin. :-)

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Britzi said...

Hi Leone, I scrolled through your blog and I must say I envy you. You and your family are quite some globetrotters, wonderful, all the beautiful sights you have seen!! What made you move to Singapore now? And how do you keep up with all the different web sights like facebook,flickr,blogger etc. on top taking pics, then editing them, looking after your hub and dogies, cooking and god knows what else??? My days never seem long enough to actually do what I want to do and I am not working in a job.
Well may be slowly, slowly I can also fill up some pages on my blogger.
I have to agree with you on the subject of aging! I also find it pretty depressing, one feels still relatively young but you look in the mirror and you see your body slowly deteriorating.
To answer your question about the name of the flower, allthough I have this plant on my terrace here,
I don't know the correct name, but I will find out and come back to you. Meanwhile have a lovely week and keep up with your pics!!!
Greetings from Athens,