Sunday, 24 August 2008

we are now in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory .....

First impression..... nice place!

we arrived around lunchtime on the Thursday (July 10) and settled into the Klondike Inn where we had booked in for two nights. The next day was a 'free day' so we did a bit of souvenir shopping of small bits and pieces to take back to family and friends.....not too much as we had to consider the weight of our luggage too!

After our little shopping spree we went on a walk, called the Millennium Trail / Walk which followed the Yukon River, we walked as far as the Fish Ladder and did a U turn.... all up, 10 klms.

The Millennium Trail, is a 5-km paved path that follows both sides of the waterway, starts at the S.S. Klondike crosses a bridge over the river then continues to another bridge by the dam, then loops back to wear you started. It's a nice place to walk at sunset, although keep in mind that sunset in the middle of summer is near midnight! Near the dam is the Whitehorse Fishway where you can watch the migration of chinook salmon and other fish through underwater viewing windows. The following images are just a sample of what we saw on our walk.....

We really enjoyed our walk and even managed to get sunburnt and it was only 19 deg!!!
Temperature on Friday July 11 2008 in Whitehorse was:

Max Temperature 66 °F / 19 °C

Min Temperature 41 °F / 5 °C

Next Posting: The Fish Ladder in Whitehorse!

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