Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Eden Sanctuary - Singapore

One of the first places we went to for lunch after I arrived back in Singapore was to Eden Sanctuary!!!

We have been there quite a few times now, and really like this peaceful little haven right in the middle of noisy Singapore, well actually it is at Rochester Park!!

The above is Johns Chamomile Tea and My Coffee!!!


love the peacefulness, the ambiance, the garden and yes, the food is pretty good too!!

Opened in May 2008 ....... This place is very well hidden and slightly separate from the main Rochester hustle & bustle and quieter. Some cabs don't even know its here as its beside the HDB carpark... better coz parking cheaper and easier to find. The food is also definitely cheaper here compared to the rest of the restaurants at Rochester too!

They are now open till 10.00pm every night, and often have wine appreciation dinners.

Anyway, after all that, 'tis nice to 'share' places that we find......and this one is a gem, right in Singapore!

Well, I am still way behind with my blog.....taking forever to catch up!!

So many visitors, one leaves, two arrive the next day, they leave and another arrives.......no time for flickr, no time for letters, no time for blogging, no time for emails....... boo hoo. :-(

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