Thursday, 2 April 2009

the fresh fruit of Malaysia

Last Sunday when we went for our wander around Johor in Malaysia, we stopped at a fruit stall on the side of the road as seen here:

We bought two very large pineapples to bring back home, I actually ended up weighing them to check on the size.

Each weighed TWO KILOGRAMS, but the cost for each one was 50 cents. Between us we had bought three pineapples and 10 large passionfruits and we paid just $3.00.

the following small deep red coloured fruits had me wondering for awhile what they were, but in the end had to ask!!

ROSELLE is an herbaceous medicinal plant grown in the tropics. Virtually all parts of the plant can be utilized for food, drink and medicinal.

Roselle Juice Concentrate is a nutritional drink with natural vitamins (A & C and minerals such as calcium and potassium) that quench your thirst and revitalizes your body. the juice is extracted slowly under controlled temperature to retain its natural goodness and rich color.There's nothing like a Roselle drink that simply refreshes and nourishes you with its all natural taste whenever you need it.

A popular roselle variety planted in Malaysia, aka variety Terengganu. Roselle fruits are harvested fresh, and their calyces are made into a drink rich in vitamin C and anthocyanins.

the yellow fruit below we were told are SuSu, on checking the web I see they belong to the passionfruit family.
the fruit seen below that is slightly pink in colour is the Jambu.

There are several varieties of jambu. Jambu air is water or rose apple, a small glossy fruit colored pink or scarlet, which is crisp and refreshing.

Wash the fruit thoroughly, cut into quarters and remove the inner seed if there is one and any discolored parts, or else bite directly into the flesh.

Jambu bol is a different variety of rose apple that is larger, reddish and slightly striped and less juicy than jambu air. Jambu mede or jambu monyet is the cashew fruit and has a reddish yellow juicy flesh.

the large yellow fruit seen here is PawPaw .... sometimes people call is Papaya too
these are of course Mango's....
this lovely deep pink one is called Dragonfruit , inside it is white with small black seeds.

the variety of fruits available anywhere in Asia, is astounding.

Hope you enjoyed the above posting and didn't dribble all over your keyboard!!!


XUE said...

Yes, I did dribble a little! That is quite a majestic looking fruit - the Roselle - I have never seen it before. I am originally from Singapore but we live in Tokyo now. We as in 1 husband & 2 kids. Was researching for short term stays (for summer in Singapore) when I came upon yr blog. The older posts with local food makes me yearn for the food-courts!

Leone Fabre said...

thank you for visiting my blog!!

love your craft work. :-)

Joansong said...

I am also a resident of "The Jade" and have probably seen you and John from my kitchen window. I am really impressed by your blog and would very much like to meet you both face to face. If you like we can arrange something in the evenings or weekends. Please email me at