Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Southern Integrated Gateway in Johor Bahru


July 2011 

on how to go to JB from Singapore is

To go from Singapore to Johor Bahru for shopping, one must either drive, take a bus or train and always pass thru immigration and customs.

But Malaysia has the most amazing customs complex - it is huge - as seen here in the following image. It is called the Southern Integrated Gateway.

The Southern Integrated Gateway, is a Malaysian national project involving the construction of the Johor Bahru main railway station, called JB Sentral, and a new customs, immigration and quarantine complex (CIQ) known as the Sultan Iskandar Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Complex, named after Sultan Iskandar of Johor.

The station and complex will become the main transportation hub of Johor Bahru and southern Peninsular Malaysia.

The Malaysian Public Works Department (JKR) is responsible for the design and construction of this project, while Gerbang Perdana Sdn Bhd is the main contractor.

This megaproject is part of the Iskandar Malaysia.
The CIQ complex was opened to vehicular traffic on December 16, 2008.

As of February 2009, while passengers may cross through JB Sentral on their way to the CIQ, all train services are still using the old Johor Bahru Station.
Today - Thursday July 9 2009 - I went over to JB for some shopping. I invited a friend (Suzie) and Ani who was her niece and staying with her for this week. Neither Suzie or Ani had been over to JB before, so it was a mini adventure for them to go by the local bus system.

I met them at Kranji MRT (only four stops for me) and we then took bus 170 to Malaysia. It is such a simple process during the week, far better than on a Friday evening like when we did it back in February this year....... you can read that posting HERE!

In February we were staying at a hotel for the night and so we needed to continue on towards Larkin Bus Terminal. Today we only needed to go to Johor Bahru City Square (a large shopping mall) for some shopping and the mall is close by to CIQ, where we go thru customs and immigration.

All so very easy!!!

in summary: from Kranji (MRT) Station, hop on to bus 170, which is right out the front of the MRT station and will bring you to Singapore checkpoint.

*but you can also get the BUS 170 from Queens St and go to Kranji MRT. It travels along Bukit Timah Road .. but you take whatever route is the easiest for you.

Use your EZILINK CARD on this bus.

Clear your immigration procedures and hop on to the same bus service (170) It will not be the exact same bus, but still take 170 that is there waiting to take you over the Causeway and it will bring you to the Malaysian Immigration.

Fill in your immigration card (if this needs to be done for you) get your passport stamped, walk past security but DO NOT BOARD THE BUS again, just follow the directions of the sign (JB Sentral) which will point to the LEFT....

You will reach City Square(after crossing the bridge) with about 5-10 minutes walk.

Under cover all the way ....... how easy is that?
Lots of good shopping here, shoes in particular. Also visit Apex Pharmacy where you will find medication, vitamins, shampoo etc much cheaper than in Singapore.


July 2011 

on how to go to JB from Singapore is



F said...

I think we're going to do this for a day trip over to JB soon. Thanks for posting about it!


Leone Fabre said...

Flora and others reading this ... when you get to immigration, pick up some extra white cards so you have them handy for your next visit.

You will find medication, all bathroom items, magazines, birthday cards etc far cheaper than here.

Pharmacy is just past J.Co (donuts) and Popular (for cards, magazines etc) right upstairs. Big store too!

Very simple day trip over there... but if you are going at the weekend, leave EARLY, though the dstores do not open till after 10.30.

Careful if it is a long weekend too - like this weekend - it will be very busy!

Mas Ist said...

on May 10, 2013 I and 5 women visited JB from SG via MRT Station Kranji, and get Bus no 170, it was so easy, when we finished Singapore exit clearance, we entered Malaysia no more immigrations forms to be filled in. It was nice situations because we travelled on weekdays.