Sunday, 27 September 2009

Sentosa at night .....

Palm Tree's at night......
Originally uploaded by Leone Fabre.

most visitors to Sentosa get to experience it during the day ...... but it certainly is worth a visit at night!

for example:

If you love the day luge, you will find irresistible with the night ones! Sentosa Luge & Skyride now operates from 10am in the morning all the way till late at night.

Sentosa Nature Discovery: Night Workshops including "Frogs and Toads" or the "Fireflies and Friends".

Sentosa Island Dining. So many wonderful restaurants to sample!!

Sentosa Garden at Night.

"Song of the Sea" is a must see experience!

Sentosa 4D Magix ...... full on Movie Magic!

Jazz by The Beach ...... an awesome night sitting by the beach listening to music.

or just have a wander to enjoy the sights and sounds and watch everyone enjoying Sentosa at night too....

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