Monday, 5 October 2009

the ferry goes to where ??

We travel often on the Ferry service across to the Indonesian Island of Batam.... but many people ask me "how does one catch a ferry" or another "where do we get the ferry from" ...

and here I am blogging about where to get the ferry to go to ???

I am amazed at how many travel agents (here in Singapore) that still tell the passengers they need to leave from from Harbour Front Ferry Terminal to Batam Centre and then a cab or shuttle bus to Nongsapura ... out of the way and it takes over an hour longer in time!

Cab drivers are no better ...... they also need some training in tourism!!

We often get a cab from our condo here in Bukit Batok, they ask where we want to go.

we say "Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal".

...... they then add: "oh so you are going to Bintan for the weekend"

"No, we are going to Batam"

But the cab driver suddenly turns around and tells us we are going to the wrong Terminal and that we should be going to Harbour Front Ferry Terminal.....

no matter how many times we say that we need to go to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and to please take us there.... they still disagree!

They are very offended when we politely ask to just take us to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal as we are going to Nongsapura Terminal in Batam and we will be OK, thanks.

Decided to blog some info and hopefully it will help others.

Yes you can get a ferry from Harbour Front to Batam ..... but that is if you are going to Batam Centre. The ferry takes about one hour and you do need to book ahead.

if you need the Batam Ferry from Harbour Front you can book via email:

if you need the Batam Ferry from Tanah Merah you can book via email:

NOTE: When looking at the Ferry timetable be aware also that WIB means:
"Waktu Indonesia Barat" (Indonesian Time, 1 hr behind Singapore Time)

There are a few Ferry Operators from Harbour Front and Tanah Merah. We use Batam FastFerry so will only tell you what I know of Batam Fast Ferry Service.

We take a cab from Bukit Batok and travel from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Nongsapura Ferry Terminal. At Nongsapura there are a few resorts: Nongsa Point Marina, Turi Beach Resort and Batam View. The ferry trip takes 35 minutes.

We book via email requesting the ferry at the time req'd and include our full names as they appear on our passports, our date of birth, place of issue, date of expiry and nationality.

The cost is $43.00 SGD return. We do not book our return ferry until we are in Batam.

You need to be at the Terminal one hour before departure.

You will also need $10.00 USD for the visa upon arrival.

There are money changers at Tanah Merah and at Harbour Front Terminals.

From Harbour Front Ferry Terminal the ferries go to Batam Centre and elsewhere as seen in the image below:

from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal the ferries go to Nongsapura (Batam) to Sebana Cove in Malaysia and to Bintan Resorts as seen in the image below:

the following 'map' may also be of help to get your bearings:

whatever ferry you take to Batam, Bintan, Sebana Cove etc.... you will enjoy the experience!!

.... and of course, there will be many changes over the next two years for sea travel be it by ferry or cruise liner. According to the news reports this week, Singapore is to get a brand new Cruise Centre!!

SINGAPORE'S new $500 million cruise terminal at Marina South will have two berths that can accommodate the world's biggest cruise ships....

to be ready by 2011, the International Cruise Terminal (ICT) will also have state-of-the-art facilities that will enable passengers to clear immigration, security and luggage claims within half an hour.

Passengers at the existing HarbourFront cruise centre, by contrast, are sent on their way in about 45 minutes.

The ICT's bigger capacity will also mean it can handle up to 3,000 passengers in an hour, compared to HarbourFront's 2,500 passengers an hour.

I sure hope I am still here in Singapore to see this amazing project completed by 2011.


Raisa said...

Thanks a million! Excellent info - and current to me as a trip to the islands is being planned.. :)

Leone Fabre said...

Not a problem .... glad to know it is of help!

There is so much to see and do around Singapore... it will take a while to 'post' how to get where to all of them...:-))

Adventure Spirit said...

Wow, you are better than the local. I didn't know there a ferry to Batam from TMFT. Please continue to dig up more gems to share with the locals as well.

Leone Fabre said...


the visa is $25.00USD now ... not $10.USD.

that is per person.

This does not apply to Singaporeans.