Sunday, 1 November 2009

the high cost of living in Australia .

on the Australian news on-line this morning, I read an article about the high cost of living in Australia..... MILK .... one of the most staple foods of all and don't forget, Australia has farms with cow's, the milk is an outrageous price:

"A litre of milk, which costs between $2.70 and $4.50 in Melbourne, costs New York shoppers little more than $1 while Tokyo's milk drinkers pay $2.34, despite cow's milk not being a staple in that city"

$2.70 AUD is $3.46 SGD
$4.50 AUD is $5.77 SGD

Now I know that the farmers don't get anywhere near that price, my cousin (Andrea) is a framer and she told me once that they don't even get 50 cents a litre.... actually I think she says it was about 20 cents.

Here in Singapore I pay $1.70 for a litre of milk. That is SGD.
with the currency exchange only $1.32 AUD!!! Would you believe that I buy Australian (sometimes NZ) milk at that price?

I would never pay between $3.46 and $5.77 (SGD) for a litre of milk like the Australians do!

Singapore IMPORTS everything, that includes milk..... yet we pay less than the Australians for their own milk.
If anyone thinks it is expensive to live in Singapore, go look elsewhere and stop complaining about the "high cost of living here"!!

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