Monday, 7 December 2009

the many fine buildings of Berlin ....

as most of my friends know, I am very interested in architecture, no particular period, but any building that is of interest and that creates a work of art in itself ... here in Berlin one can find many buildings that fits that criteria. There are too many images to upload in this one blog posting, so will upload more at a later date.

not only do we have figures watching over us .... 
but the pigeons are lined up there as well!


the architecture is just fabulous here in Berlin, the above is just a very small sample of what is around.

I will upload more images in a later posting.

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cajunsis said...

Beautiful, beautiful buildings. They look mighty old... I would love to go to Germany - Danny (my brother) talked about it and made me want to go - it is his fault originally, but you just made it worse. Miss ya!