Thursday, 24 December 2009

one of our days at Nongsa Village ......

Everyone that knows us, knows that we enjoy every minute of our time at Nongsa Village and we come over at every opportunity that we can. Nongsapura is just 35 minutes by ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore

what do we like about this place?

the peace.

the walks.

the serenity.

the food.

the quiet.

the tree's.

and the people........

the people of Batam really make this place special. We enjoy everyones company because they are always friendly, always smiling and we never hear anyone argue or hear that they are unhappy.

if it were not for the people here, I wonder if we would experience all the special times here that we do?

Yesterday - as with most days we are here - we were up early to go for the usual walk. This takes us along the main road to Nongsa Point Marina, along the beach front and back to our villa at Nongsa Village.

These few photos were taken yesterday on our walk....

First one is of Nongsa Point Marina:

the next two images are of one of the ships 
that is moored at the Marina at the moment!

and these were taken along the beach front on our way back to the village





 I am off now to enjoy our day here at Nongsa Village

will update again soon!

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