Tuesday, 6 April 2010

the ROBERTS family from down under .....

I have been interested in my family history since 1980 and have done much extensive - and expensive - research since. Genealogy has become a passion I guess and probably have around 10,000 people in my database complete with countless certificates, photos and other official documentation.

... and now I now have two cousins ready to write a book on the ROBERTS family since the arrival of Owen ROBERTS into Australia on board the Morning Light in January 1862.

Owen was born in Almych, North Wales on March 10 1839 and left Almych in November 1861 on board the Morning Light as a Seaman and was discharged on 30th January 1862.

Owen married Isabella JOHNSTON December 12 1864 at Wickliffe in Victoria.

Owen and Isabella had the following four children before Isabella was killed in a cart accident in the Black Ranges near Great Western, Victoria in October 1872.

Jessie Ann ROBERTS
Agnes Jane ROBERTS
William George ROBERTS
Robert Thomas ROBERTS

Owen later remarried, to Mary Jane LISTON and had a further six children before his death on 17th November 1891. 30 years after he departed from his beloved Wales.

Wendy and Andy have set themselves a huge task, but with much enthusiasm, knowledge and help from other family members, they will achieve this goal.

In the meantime, do keep track of their ROBERTS HISTORY DOWN UNDER website as they update with further developments leading up to the publication and family gathering in 2012.

The following image is of William George ROBERTS [1870 - 1952] the first son of Owen and Isabella, with some of his own grandchildren.

If you think you maybe linked to any member of this family, please contact Wendy or Andy via the ROBERTS website. They would appreciate hearing from you!

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cajunsis said...

I have books and books of documentation at home in storage. Genealogy is amazing, isn't it? Part of what I am missing... You have some great pictures here. Loved reading this. Demise was a cart accident, wow. Thanks for sharing L, loved this post.