Tuesday, 4 May 2010

the start of a great weekend

Friday night May 1 2010 ..... it is a long holiday weekend here in Singapore. We usually go away somewhere and by 'somewhere' that usually means Batam.  But we decided to stay in Singapore and do a little exploring.

John does not get to see much of Singapore at all, he is either working, off overseas or we are in Batam. So he only gets to hear about Singapore from the times I go exploring during the week. I asked him Friday what 'adventure' did he want to start with!!

Couldn't believe it ..... he wanted to wander along Orchard Road and have dinner at Marche.  I do this on a regular basis, but John hadn't been to Orchard Road for over 6 mths and then it was to see the "Lights On" for Christmas and only then it was a brief visit as he had to head off to San Francisco.

So off we went by MRT to Somerset which is directly underneath 313, the new Shopping Mall in Orchard Rd.

 First off though was dinner at March before the crowds settled in.
after dinner we wandered around 313 and checked out a few new stores .. well new to John that is .... the Icing Room was popular on Friday night. So many people buying the cakes and decorating them:

but the above was a classic - typical female - being the expert in multi tasking  .... talking on the cell phone while decorating the cake!!  But Singaporeans are amazing at talking on the cell phones, there is never any one time on the train, bus, supermarket or anywhere, where there is no one talking on their phone. On the MRT last night - crowded of course - the train was full of noisy people talking all at once, but not to each other. All of them were on their cell phones!!

I digress. 

as we walked along Orchard Road we stopped at one of the ice cream uncles for Mango Ice creams. This gentleman has worked this ice cream stand for two decades, just to put his children thru their education.
and then along Orchard Road towards ION ... one of my favorite shopping malls in Singapore.  We didn't stop there, instead we hopped down underneath and went to Wheelock Place to check out Marks and Spencers for a shirt and slacks for John.

Time for me to just sit and wait.....
before we head back home via the MRT again..... all up it was a lovely evening we spent together. Might not be so exciting or adventurous, but it was something we don't normally do and better still we did spend time together.

 stay tuned for our super Saturday ...... a full on day of going to Istana, having  a horrible burger at Carls Jnr, catching the new circle line on the MRT to the Esplanade, walking over The Helix Bridge and seeing the Marina Bay Sands - up close!

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