Monday, 21 June 2010

nine years ... how time flies!!!

June 22 2001 ......... this was the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer and secondaries in the lymph nodes.

First image:
two weeks before I was diagnosed - in Brisbane (Australia) with my daughter Janine....
Only those that have gone thru this and their carers know what devastating news this can be. But the ONLY way to get thru such a diagnosis is to be POSITIVE - though not always as easy as it sounds - and have the best carers around you .... the medical team and the love and support of your family and friends.

Second image:
Two days after surgery ....... all I wanted to do was get OUT, breathe in the fresh air and walk in the park across the road from the hospital!
I know I would not have managed to survive without John and the amazing support I had from so many people.

Third image:
the day I lost all my hair - August 2001. We may have been laughing, but it was just such an awful experience. John was amazing though, he kept my spirits up every single day.
I was told by my surgeon that it would take twelve months out of my life with surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

and he was right.

Fourth image:
the day I finished my chemotherapy (which is why I look so puffy) and just a few days before I started the I am with Zac.
Not for one minute can you let yourself become negative. For most patients, cancer is the most difficult and frightening experience they have ever encountered. ..... and most will never want to hear the words "be positive" or "never become negative". It is enough of a battle to just get out of bed every morning.

But for me I found that everytime I started to feel negative, I just had to try harder. 

I am not saying this was easy. Far from it. 

I am not saying I was brave. Far from it.

But I had so much love and support around me all I could think of at the time was "try harder" or "be strong".

Looking back now ... I see that all this did help me.

There are many support groups for those diagnosed with cancer all over the world.

All you need do is check with your local Doctor.

But I hope and pray you never have to.


Demented but happy said...

Wow! What a horrible, nasty experience Leone. But look at you now!

cajunsis said...

Congratulations on a huge milestone! You are an incredible woman. I am amazed by your outlook on life and how healthy you look. Nine years later, I am blessed to have you in my life. You and John are treasures. I am so glad you are here. What an amazing life story - and I love all the pictures. Thanks for sharing. ((hugs))