Tuesday, 13 July 2010

the rehearsal fireworks for the National Day Parade!!!

Don't miss the fireworks for Singapore NDP 2010! 
 This year, the fireworks will be launched from 9 locations:
- The Padang
- City Hall
- Esplanade Theatre
- the waters of Marina Bay
- Suntec City
- Pan Pacific Hotel
- Ritz Carlton Millenia Hotel
- UOB Plaza & Maybank Tower
 So practically any waterfront location at Marina Bay will be a good spot to watch the fireworks for NDP 2010 (as well as the flypast).

(On National Day 2009, 9 Aug 09, the fireworks lasted longer than during the NE Shows and Preview.)

Click HERE for all the info and schedules for the National Day Parade and where best to see the fireworks from.

Fireworks will be launched at the Preview Parade (31 July 2010) and National Day Parade (9 Aug 2010).

Fireworks will also be set off during the NE Shows (10, 17 & 24 July). But these will be shorter, scaled-down bursts - and may not be fired from all the 9 designated launch points.

Schedule of Parades and Rehearsals:

  1. NE Shows:

    • NE Show 1 - 10 July 2010

    • NE Show 2 - 17 July 2010

    • NE Show 3 - 24 July 2010
    These are full dress rehearsals watched by Primary 5 students as part of their National Education programme.

  2. Singapore National Day 2010 Preview Parade is on Saturday, 31 July 2010
    the following three images are not mine, they are of the rehearsal of July 10 2010 and off the National Day Facebook page but are just so fabulous I had to share:

    this capture is of the first of the fireworks on Saturday July 10 2020:

    Hope the above info will help others that may want to see these amazing fireworks that Singapore will have on display on those evenings. Or perhaps even to attend the actual National Day Parade on August 9 2010