Saturday, 25 September 2010

eggs 'n toast any which way!

if you have breakfast in a cafe or restaurant and ask for eggs and toast, it is likely it will come to the table looking something like the following:
but in most places in Singapore it will come to the table very different to the above. Like I always say, not wrong, just different.

The taste is the same of course ..... well it is eggs and toast after all.

First of all I order my eggs, toast and tea at the counter and pay my $3.50.

A few minutes later the tray arrives at my table complete with Teh Tarik (my cup of tea), a bowl with a teaspoon, soya sauce, salt and pepper and a metal container with a lid as seen here:
My waiter taps the metal container and tells me to "wait 3 minutes", because it has two eggs sitting in hot water inside this container!
but as John and I are talking, the waiter comes up to remind me that my eggs are ready ...... so I crack them open and pour them into the small bowl ...... yes, "pour" them into it.  If anyone prefers hard boiled eggs, make sure you leave them in the hot water for at least SIX minutes!!
Most people put some soy sauce onto the egs, I still prefer a bit of salt ..... shhh, did I say that?

Anyway, that was my brunch this morning ...... soft boiled eggs 'cooked' in the metal container and served with tea and toast for the large um of $3.50 SGD.

Maybe not the usual way you might eat your eggs, but hey ..... it all goes down the same way!!!



Tasty Mediterranean said...

Looks yummy! My boyfriend made this for me and decided to jazz it up a little, so here is how it turned

Leone Fabre said...

wow ... that really is a great idea. Might try it by slicing the capsicum into rings and cooking the eggs in them....