Thursday, 2 September 2010

pondering on likes and dislikes

I was asked a question today ...... what do I like about Singapore?

my first reaction was ... well...... everything.

But I guess it isn't really.

There are things I do not like, that's for sure.

Rushing to get on the bus or train first, that is a bad one. I can see no reason why people have to stand right in front of the train door and try and barge their way on before the passengers have even alighted. The train is not going to leave ... so why the rush?

 Same with the bus, I wait in line like we are supposed to do, only to get to the bus door 
as it pulls in and 'auntie' - or even a school aged child - pushes in front of me!

Don't get me started on the Ferry Terminals. Or even on the ferry itself. They (the passengers) are standing up at the exit 15 minutes before we dock ..... they have to be first off. Why?

and another one I really despise is the SMOKING. Can you not see the sign that says NO SMOKING? Yet on the ferry there are many people smoking and doing so while standing beside the no smoking sign!  There was a law passed in June 2008 that smoking was prohibited on all ferries from Singapore. So where is the policing of that particular law??
No one cares ... certainly not the staff as they are smoking as well. Do they not understand how dangerous a lighted match or cigarette is on board a diesel fueled vessel?

Spitting and blowing ones nose right in front of me as I walk along the pathway ..... urghhh.
Cabs .... this one is a common 'complaint' amongst many people. Take me home, take me DIRECT home, do NOT go the long way and please drive smoothly. I would like to sit back and relax in your cab. Can you not drive 'nicely'. Stop lane hopping every few minutes and keep to the speed limit for goodness sake, do not jerk the steering wheel and try to brake gently ..... is this too much to ask of you?

Oh yes .... toilets. Now this maybe TMI ..... but some of us women really do object to sitting on the toilet seat after someone has been standing on it. For those westerners that have no idea what I am talking about, go google "squat toilets"!   I guess if it is your custom to 'squat' like that and you have to do so by standing on the western toilet .... OK ..... I accept that. But could you please clean it afterwards?

I think that's about it with my DISLIKES .... so in a nutshell I do not like pushing and shoving on trains, buses or ferries. Nor can I accept smokers in non-smoking area's. Cab drivers that need a lesson or two in "driving better and more efficiently" and have respect for tourists or 'new arrivals' too.
Spitting, coughing, sneezing and using the toilet are all my own personal objections that surely comes under personal hygiene and care for each and everyone of us and all of us should know that we need to use a tissues or a handkerchief?

ooop's ... nearly forgot! 
not one little bit. 

Lets get positive, yes there are a few things I do not like about Singapore. 
No one can say there is a perfect country where everything is great, it is impossible. 
I can tell you my list of things I do not like about Australia would 
be as long as the above for Singapore.  

But there are many, many things I do like. 
I like all the things that most people like about Singapore .... 
the greenness, the cleanliness, the efficiency, and yes, even the laws. 
It makes me feel secure and safe.

I love my community area .... the area of Bukit Batok. 
Where the people are warm and friendly too!
 I enjoy going to The Jurong Bird Park ......
 I love wandering around the back streets of the Arab Quarters .....
and who could not like the foods of Singapore? The variety is unbelievable. 
We can eat out every night and the bill would not be any more than $12.00 ..... 
but of course, that means we do not eat around Clarke Quay!

really appreciate the cleanliness of the HDB's.......
loved the Garden Show, so many varieties and displays .... just beautiful.
The old Kampongs and the area of Club Street  ...... great architecture here too!
the architecture around Tanjong Pagar Road
the old area of Singapore ... superb shophouses!
and the festivals ..... 
the Pongal Festival, Deepavali, the Water Festival, Hari Raya, Chinese New Year 
each of them are very different, but all are entertaining!!
Marina Barrage ..... what a great place to go for a picnic or fly a kite!
The fabulous fireworks we have seen recently over Singapore ...... 
such colour and great entertainment for everyone!!

Pasir Ris Park is a great place to visit, as are all the other parks in and around Singapore. 
You could go to a different park every week and still not see the same things over a year.
 love the local shopping where you can buy - just about - everything!!
and how proud I was to be part of the community of Singapore during the Youth Olympic Games!!

There is so much that I "like" about Singapore ...... I certainly like the friends I have made here, I don't know if I would have 'settled into Singapore' had it not been for the friendships. Quite a few local people and many 'expats' ...... even the people I meet in the stores, the wet market, the bus or the guard on the train station ...... all of these people have contributed to me 'liking Singapore'.

The trains, the buses, the LRT .... 
you cannot fault the public transport system here. It is quick, clean, cheap and efficient.

The children, who can resist a smile when looking at those beautiful brown eyes?
I often wonder what are they thinking?
 and a bum boat ride over to Pulau Ubin, 
what a great way to spend a day,
cycling around this beautiful little part of Singapore.
 When I am sitting in the bus, I like watching the world go by, the green grass, the HDB's, the covered walkways, the tree's, the people walking along the walkway, people shopping, workers at the construction sites, of which there are many, but even the constructions sites do not bother me, at least it is showing us that Singapore has a strong economy.

This posting would be far too long if I went on and on about all the things "I like" about Singapore and I know quite well I have omitted much. Anyway, you only need go back over my blog to see many of the places we have been and the things we have enjoyed!

At the start I mentioned a few of the things I dislike, but I can honestly say that there are many more things "I like" than "dislike" and for that I am grateful to have the opportunity to live here.

Probably what I have noticed since being in Singapore is that I am healthier,
and that is a good thing indeed!


Lisa said...

Sooo much to like... you forgot the weather! ;) the views the funny ads and ... frog/sweet meat

Lisa said...

Sooo much to like... you forgot the weather! ;) the views the funny ads and ... frog/sweet meat

Leone said...

there is heaps I have 'forgotten' .. certainly the weather is one. It does get hot, but you learn to manage it and you don't have to have the A/C on every day either!!

ah yes .... the ads. But then we all think advertisements in other countries amusing, the same as they do with 'ours'.

purposely forgot the wee froggies!!!

Liew Shi Xiong said...

glad you've had an enjoyable time in singapore!

Terence said...

Reason why people stand outside the door of the MRT Train: They don't want to be late for work. Especially when the train gets full VERY quickly during rush hour. And everyone wants to get a good standing spot where they won't get crushed like sardines in a can...not like it makes much of a difference but there IS still a difference. Same goes for ferries, so there is a choice of free seating. The earlier you queue the more choices you have.

Spitting along pavements is uncommon and it is a habit to be reviled. Usually done by the older folk and offenders do get fined. Coughing is a normal occurrence.

Leone said...

Thanx Terence for your comment .... yes, realise people do not like to be late for work!

Same as my husband... but at least he is polite enough to not push in. He often has to wait for two or three trains, sometimes he has to wait for FOUR trains before he can get on, but you will not see him pushing people to "be on the train first"!!

People will still be able to get on trains, ferries and the bus ... just be polite at least.... eg: the ferry will not leave without them!

There are many things we can dislike about many countries ... but there are also many things that can be improved with a little patience from everyone. :-)

Bimmer said...

Hi! Glad to hear you are enjoying Singapore!
I'm true blue Singaporean, born and bred here, but your dislikes are very much like mine too. Though I seldom take the public transport, the same behaviour goes to driving on the roads too and I often wonder why.

Looking at your likes, makes me feel more appreciative of what I have, as I tend to take things for granted after being here my whole life.

But I really hope our people can develop more gracious behaviour.