Tuesday, 21 September 2010

sailing on the Nurah

We had the most amazing experience on Sunday ..... we were invited to go sailing on a "Pirate Ship"!

Well I guess it is not really a Pirate Ship as such, but is a two masted sailing ship sailing out of Nongsa Point Marina. This was it's first trip so we could experience what it would be like and hopefully pass on the information to others that may be interested.

It was worth every minute and we all had a great day ...... they are going to start doing day trips for up to 40 people, or overnight trips - of up to 6 days - as there is accommodation on board for up to 15 people.
 It does not look so big here in this image, but to "walk the plank", climb over the back of the ship, up the very steep steps and onto the first deck .... it is big.

With short legs it was not easy, in fact I really was a little nervous to start with, but soon got the hang of it but wished I had better footwear, my FitFlops were not so good to climb up and down the steep steps! Before departing from Nongsa Point Marina we had a good look over the ship and managed to get our bearings!

then we set sail at 4.00pm and headed out of the Marina, we all knew we had to be on board and ready to sail at that time ..... but just as we headed out, three people came running along the boardwalk still wanting to board even though we had left the dock. They were so late, but the Captain very kindly stopped the ship to allow the small speedboat - with the three people on board - to come aboard the Nurah. We then continued on our journey out past the entrance to the Marina and headed east towards the South China Sea.
John had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed himself, but it was
not long before we had to turn westwards towards the sunset and home.
it was a beautiful evening, perfect weather for sailing and spending time on the water!

Life maybe short, but never pass up an opportunity to go and enjoy yourself, 
especially to do something you have never done before
like maybe sailing along on a Pirate Ship!!

"fun times indeed"


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Lisa said...

Wow... if I get the opportunity I'll gladly walk that plank or snap up other "new" experiences. Aye me 'arties!