Wednesday, 15 September 2010

she is at home in our garden .......

Have not posted any photos of our garden lately,
nor have I mentioned that we have a new addition to the 'garden family'.

 Her Serene Highness 
our new Buddha on the hillside of our garden at Nongsa.

Still not complete as yet as there are still a few plants to be placed around her. 
But first we need to see what will is going to grow well. 
The water flows from the top and over her face into the 'water pond' at the base. 
At night when the lights shine on her face, she looks stunning.
and outside the kitchen window we have a smaller Buddha sitting in the garden. 
He watches over me while I am in the kitchen!
and these past few weeks have purchased about new 12 orchids, 
soon they will be hanging in the tree's and hopefully 
will add some more colour to the garden at Nongsa Village.


cajunsis said...

Very beautiful. Just adds to the charm of your little piece of heaven.

georgiesharpreflections said...

A wonderful addition to the garden!

Flora said...

Beautiful garden!

Leone said...

Thanks for those positive comments!

Always appreciated.

Will post some more photos as the plants start to grow a bit more ..... planting 12 orchids this weekend!!