Tuesday, 19 October 2010

collage of Luar Batang, Jakarta

collage of Luar Batang, Jakarta
Originally uploaded by Leone Fabre.

Last week I visited this old Kampong in Jakarta..... Walking along the uneven paths around the Kampong, it is easy to forget that you are actually in the city of Jakarta.

There are many children running around and playing near the old port area ..... these families are very poor.

There are about 5000 people living here at Luar Batang, which is the old village beside Pasar Ikan (Fish Market)

I have no idea where Pasar Ikan ends and Luar Batang begins. It is difficult to describe life here ...... and then when there is a high tide, the water comes lapping around their feet and into their homes.

This is just a collage of a few images I took while there

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