Monday, 4 October 2010

the girls of the village

Last Sunday we had a fun day at Nongsa Village for the staff and their families. Once again it was a fabulous day, with lots of food, fun, games and laughter.

What more could you want on a fun day!!

Click HERE for a blog posting on the village where most of these children come from.

The party started at 10.00am and finished at 3.00pm and in those five hours we did not hear one child cry, or whinge, or grizzle, or complain, or argue, or fight ....... every single one of them had a great time. There were 82 children present and they played games or with the balloons or balls that John and I bought for them.

These children do not have Nintendo's or any other 'electronic' game. They do not stay inside to watch TV (that is IF the family even has one) these children are outside playing using their imagination. They play with shells or sticks in the sea or sand, because thats about all they have got.

Stop and think what your children or grandchildren have to play with and I can guarantee these children of the village would have nothing compared to that.


No, that is the wrong word to use ....... they do not have 'nothing' as they have plenty.

They have plenty of sea, sand and fresh air, they have sticks and sea shells to play with and sometimes a ball, a balloon or other toys that someone has given them that is likely to be second hand anyway.

But in that 5 hours last Sunday all we saw were the children playing and laughing, they did not think they were missing out on anything. They all felt incredibly lucky to have a party to go to where there were balloons and games to play.

The games were the spoon race or the sugar bag race, or the eating rice cakes from the string...... all laughing and having the time of their life and already by 3.00pm when it was time to go home they had started to think of the party 'next year'.
 The following are some of the photos of the girls at the party.

Why just girls you may well ask ..... well I took so many photos that this blog has only the photos of the girls.

Tomorrow I will upload the photos of the boys!!
 then some photos of one of the games, 
the idea being to see who was first to eat the rice cake hanging on the string!!!
aren't these girls just beautiful?

wait till tomorrow when I upload the photos of the boys,
you will see that all the children are beautiful.

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cajunsis said...

What beautiful pictures Leone! Looks like they had a wonderful time. Love this post! Great shots.