Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Ianeys trip to Jakarta

my friend Ianey wanted to take her holiday to Jakarta, now she only gets one weeks holiday per year and she had never flown anywhere before ...... so decided on Jakarta as it was the closest place she could go to where she could shop too.

We set off on Monday morning for Changi Airport where we were to catch the 10:45 flight to Jakarta. After our hot chocolate we went through customs, immigration and security before waiting outside gate C24.
 while waiting to board we watched the Qantas flight taking off
it looked so huge against the smaller JetStar flight we were to go on!
the following is Ianey ready for take off
the smile was not there a few minutes later though.
But once we were up in the clouds she was happily watching out the window
and pointing out buildings, clouds and so on below!
 The processing at the airport was fairly quick and efficient
and we soon got a cab to our hotel.
We had been warned to only get the Blue Bird Cabs
so we looked for anyone announcing them selves as Blue Bird Drivers
one man came up to us and showed us his card that said:
Blue Bird Cabs
we took him at his word as he told us it was a prepaid fare of 350,000 Rupiah.
he took my bag and off we went to the cab, I turned around to remind Ianey to be 
careful of her bag as there were two young boys walking very close to her.
Our cab driver put my bag doen on the roadway as he opened the back area.
These boys proceeded to lift the bag into the cab
then the driver told us to tip them!!!

Be warned.

it should not have happened, but it did and it was quick.

I don't believe he was a Blue Bird driver at all.

It cost us 350,000 rupiah to go to Le Meridien and I believe it should not have cost us 
any more than about 200,000 Rupiah.

Anyone can produce  a hand card that says "Blue Bird Cabs".

be warned.

but we got to the hotel safely and that was important.

we unpacked and went down to lunch
this is the main dining area
and other images of
Le Meridien Hotel
that was our first day in Jakarta, stay tuned for the rest of our adventures in and around Jakarta which includes the old Port area, Cafe Batavia and the original kampong of Jakarta.


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