Saturday, 16 October 2010

the Trans Jakarta bus

 City Buses
In Jakarta, everything is at distance. It’s hot and hardly anybody walks.

You will need to use some type of transport to get from one place to another.
Its buses however, are crowded particularly during rush hours.

Around the town, there are many regular city buses charging a fixed fare Rp. 1,200. The express “Patas” buses charges Rp. 2,500 and the air-conditioned Patas buses cost Rp. 3,500; these are usually less crowded.

These services supplemented with orange mini buses “Metro Mini” and, in a few areas by “Mikrolet” minibuses, which cost between Rp. 1,200 and Rp. 1,600.

currency exchange as at October 2010:

The “Trans Jakarta” air-conditioned express buses are the best option for pleasant transport in Jakarta,  With a special track along 19 km this distance reached in only 20 minutes.

The cost is Rp. 2,500 and it has 17 stopping spots, in Singapore currency that is 36 cents.

But in this overcrowded city of 23 million people, 8 million motorcycles and an unknown number of other vehicles .... the city bus service is fast and efficient.  The following image is of one of the buses running along on the 19 klm special track which is situated in the lane closest to the median strip in the centre.
to access the 'bus stop' one must first cross the road where you certainly hope there is a controlled pedestrian crossing or at the very least an overhead walkway - which seems to be the main access point anyway. From the overhead walkway you walk down the ramp to the 'ticket office' situated at the 'bus stop'. It is here that you pay for your ticket.
here we have purchased our ticket and now are walking to the waiting area for the bus. There are at least three area's to 'wait' as I am sure it must be extremely busy during peak times. As we waited for the bus we actually let four of them go. They pull in very quickly, the bus door opens and the 'bus boy' that stands in the doorway allows those getting off to do so before we can actually board. All this is done within 30 seconds or less. The buses are crowded at anytime of the day and you just need to push yourself on board. Be ready near the door to alight when your stop comes up!

Everyone on the buses seem to be friendly and helpful, but a word of caution too.

We had already heard that many pickpockets are on the bus as they are so crowded
they can take things from your pocket or bag without your knowledge - very quickly.

Once the bus stops be prepared to jump off quickly and be on your way.

The bus ride was another "Jakarta experience" for us!

stay tuned for more.


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