Saturday, 1 January 2011

the BEST Chinese Food in the Cameron Highlands

.... and I honestly cannot tell you the name of it either ...... but if you stay at The Smokehouse Hotel, all you need to do is ask Alex for the directions to the best Chinese Food in the Highlands and that it is on the other side of Brinchang!

So the secret is to stay at The Smokehouse Hotel first!

the above dish was the long runner beans with roasted hazelnuts and cuttlefish. The beans were fresh and crunchy with loads of flavour.

The dish below is their famous kampong chicken.
 the two images below are of the Deep Fried Fish .....  crisp and tasty. Loved this dish.

 and this dish is the Deep Fried Pork Belly.... and before you turn your nose up at it, do try it. It tastes so much better than it 'sounds'.
all foods prepared and cooked at this cafe is fresh and you can certainly tell that by the flavour of the food!

Next time you stay at The Smokehouse Hotel in the Malaysian Highlands, do remember to ask Alex the directions as to how to find this wonderful Chinese Restaurant.

a few links that maybe of interest to you:

the following map may guide you as to where the Cameron Highlands are located in Malaysia.

The A on the map is where the Smokehouse Hotel is situated in the Highlands, and Singapore is way down at the bottom of the map.

Between those two points is a nine hour coach trip!

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