Sunday, 13 February 2011

old rusty handrail - 1936 - Singapore

old rusty handrail - 1936 - Singapore
Originally uploaded by Leone Fabre.

We did this amazing walk today as seen here:

It was The Battle of Pasir Panjang Commemorative Walk (Singapore) which you can read about here in my blog:

But the above image was taken of an old handrail .... it was in one of the old war time bunkers we went into. (1936)

So one must wonder how many soldiers grabbed hold of this handrail?



Bearded Dave said...

How interesting! when I was in Singapore in 1974 we visited an island one of our party was stationed at in WW2 and found the bunkers & an airstrip, I picked up a sign written in Japanese & was souveniring it when I accidently cut my hand on swordgrass & stupidly dropped the sign. Wish I have not. Dave

Leone Fabre said...

will upload more blog posts within the next few days on what we saw on the walk we did today ....

Mags118 said...

When I see items of the past, I always wonder about the history. Yes you can imagine the many, many, soldiers that would of put their hands on this.

Anonymous said...

So much history...thank you so much for sharing! I enjoy learning about Singapore.