Thursday, 3 February 2011

the weather today in Singapore is just "fine and dandy"!!

My friend - Andrea - posted the view she has from her balcony on her blog. CHECK HERE for the blog posting titled BRAGGING ..... and Sue uploaded a photo from her balcony today too!
I can't be left out, so here is one 
taken this morning from our back balcony.
and around the world ...

London had 2 deg this morning
Toronto MINUS 10 deg and cloudy
Beijing MINUS 2 deg and cloudy
Frankfurt is ZERO with snow
Melbourne is 22 deg and overcast
Bangkok 23 and rain
Batam 27 deg with morning showers
Chicago is dealing with a massive blizzard and there are places in Texas that has cancelled school due to snow and in Houston, Texas, where a few of our friends live, it  is icy cold and they may even see snow. 
........ and not forgetting Queensland, Australia that has just been hit with a Category 5 Cyclone. 

For the latest info on Cyclone Yasi, refer to any of the news channels - including NewsAsia - or even this blog written by "Mags" an Australian living in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 

but like Andrea ... we have to let the world know that the weather today in Singapore is just "fine and dandy" !!

but if it makes you feel better, 
we did have a lot of rain over the past week!

as seen from the balcony at 
The Jade where we used to live

* * *
and a PS to the above blog posting ..... Laurel has added a posting on the view she has in Singapore!

we don't always have such blue skies, and rarely is there a day without cloud, but we are here on the equator and if we didn't have the constant cloud cover we would be burnt like little lobsters!!

so as much we we all love the clear blue skies ..... here in Singapore, it is far more harmful for us.

* * *


Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures, and that rain looks very heavy.

Thank You for the mention in your blog.

Laura said...

I'm back in the UK at the moment and not enjoying the cold weather at all. Looking forward to my return to Singapore no end!