Thursday, 17 March 2011

off line for a while !!

this post is for my loyal followers that will probably be wondering where I have disappeared to over the next month!

John and I are off until April 12 and I doubt I will have much internet access - if at all.

We are fly out (from Singapore) tonight to Genoa (Italy) and boarding the MSC Splendida on Saturday 19th for 22 days of sailing around the Mediterranean. 

if anyone is interested in following the cruise via the webcam, the link is HERE.

I will update the blog where and when I can.
In the meantime, take care



Rika The Lost Wanderer said...

such a long journey. Have fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Have a lovely trip!

Alex Lee said...

Hi Leone,

It's Alex from the Smokehouse here. So you are finally off on your dream cruise! Hope you have a fabulous sure that the blog will be plenty updated when you get back =)

Tried to find you on Facebook but couldn't...

Anyway, hope that you and John are both well.