Monday, 21 May 2012

Art at the Merrill Lynch HarbourFront Place, Singapore

On our walk towards HarbourFront ... we came across the Bank of America Merrill Lynch building. At the base there is a delightful 'set of glass, steel flowers' in a reflective pool all completely lit by natural light.

I often see photographic opportunities when I don't have the camera - as we all do - which is rather frustrating, but did have it with me this time .... then wished I had the tripod as these 'glass flowers' were swaying in the breeze. I still managed to capture a few of them though.

It is an art glass installation consisting of large glass flower forms supported on metal stems that grace an office building’s reflection pond. The flowers stand more than two meters high, are 80cm in diameter and exposed to the equatorial weather conditions.

Pipes and services were effectively concealed below the raised pavers installed beneath water level. The unbroken mirror images in the water of colourful glass sculptures lit only by natural light from the glass ceiling above create an attractive reflective pool.


The glass and stainless steel flowers installation at the Merrill Lynch HarbourFront Place, Singapore were created by Art Glass Solutions Pte Ltd

Art at the Merrill Lynch HarbourFront Place, Singapore

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Cindy said...

They're beautiful!