Friday, 10 June 2011

bars, clubs, restaurants and the nightlife along the riverside!

My previous blog post was titled "When the sun goes down on Clarke Quay" and is to show a few tourists that a walk along Clarke Quay, Boat Quay or even Riverside Point of an evening can be something different to do and rather a pleasant experience in the cool of the evening. Being mid year, there are many 'new people' arriving, so perhaps this is also for them!

Most Expats already know of Clarke Quay -  many bypass Boat Quay and Riverside Point - though Clarke Quay is the more popular venue for most to hang out on a Friday or Saturday night ..... yes, it is expensive, but you are paying for the ambiance and the locale.

Walk two streets 'inland' and the food is just as good and a quarter of the price to! Though Clarke Quay itself is popular with the tourists and the Expats, we cannot deny that for one minute.

There are more bars, restaurants and clubs in the area than you could even name ..... most are a lot of fun, with live music, dancing and good food.


The weekend is upon us and this is an ideal opportunity to investigate what the Riverside area of Singapore has on offer.

Clarke Quay is the closest MRT, and City Hall and Raffles Place MRTS are within walking distance.

Have fun!!


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