Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Bling Box

a few of us were recently discussing jewelry, where we keep it, what sort of jewelry box we have etc. I think my 'idea' may have raised a few eyebrows as to the way I keep my 'bling' in a SHOE BOX!

Am sharing 'my idea' here, just in case it is of help to one other person ..... I already know that this would not suit many people!!

For example, I do have a shoe box full of bracelets. You know those cheap $4.00 ones we buy in Batam or Johor Bahru. I have at least one for each out fit that I wear during the day....... but which one to choose?

First of all, each bracelet is kept in its own 'snap lock bag' its to save them being damaged as well as for me to be able to see them easily:
So yes ..... that's the BLING BOX!

Each morning when I lay my clothes out on the bed and need to choose what bracelet to wear with it, I 'up end' the shoe box - full of the bracelets in their plastic bag - on top of the clothes and can immediately 'see' which one will suit best:

and those that know me, know that I am am rather partial to a piece of bling!

an 'odd blog post' I know, but if this idea is helpful to just one person, then that is good!


@KiwiInSG said...

Lovely blog post Leone, and yes, you are "rather partial to a piece of bling".

Love the last photo too!

luckyllama said...

Always good to match accessories with an outfit Leone; and what a clever idea to stop them becoming all tangled! I might try something like this with my earrings - I can never find the 2nd one, and they all hook together making a simple process very frustrating!

Leone Fabre said...

Linda .... I store my earings in those small clear plastic divider boxes.

They are like 'fishing hook' boxes.

I get them in Daiso (here in Singapore) so you maybe able to get them at Daiso in Melbourne.... though you will pay more there!

Stacey said...

Good ideas! I have all these shallow built in drawers that were totally useless for clothing. I took a bunch of foam core and made partitions (like you would for the inside of a wine crate) and now I have a little nook for each piece of bling. It was great to finally get everything out of those useless little boxes so I can actually see what I have.