Sunday, 2 October 2011

October - THINK PINK!

as you already know, OCTOBER is well known as Breast Cancer awareness month. 
Yesterday (October 1st) there was a PINK RIBBON WALK here in Singapore and a group of us got together to create a group that was called the PINK GLOBE TROTTERS.  There were 31 of us in this group for the walk ... and we all had such fun as you will see by the following images taken around Marina Bay in Singapore yesterday.

Most of Singapore got into the swing of things and coloured some of the bridges PINK as well as the Singapore Flyer. I didn't manage to capture any of the flyer unfortunately!
Yesterday everyone was there for a reason ..... be it to support "Cancer Awareness", in memory of a family member, to support a loved one, a friend, their carers, for their partners or for themselves. Everyone was there as a group to support each other for whatever reason.

This was my first attempt at being part of any Breast Cancer Awareness activity, I have kept away from them in the past as I have found them to be too emotional for me to deal with. But 10 years have now past since my diagnoses of breast and lymph cancer, so its time for me to show support to others and to pass on the message that we can survive.

Please remember that breast cancer is not just for women!

We were there to support everyone that has been touched by cancer at some time.
we sure had fun yesterday

and never have I seen so many smiling faces all in one place!!


Laura said...

It looked like an amazing day and event. well done to everyone who was involved!

BuBbles said...

I was there with my husband's work group and I thought I recognised you when you were getting your hair sprayed pink before the walk started. I didn't come and say hi though because I'm terribly shy - I really should have though. So here's a delayed *hi* :)


Leone Fabre said...

.... and a Hi right back ...

mever feel shy to come and say hello .. I get people all over Singapore doing just that. ... even a little boy in Orchard Rd and a lady on the ferry to Batamm just from recognising me on the blog!

If I go to someones home for a party etc, there is usually one or two that recognise me ... not sure if thats a good thing or not!!

But do come say hi next time.

or even link to us on FB ... try the Life in Singapore 'facebook page' or me personally.

ciao, Leone