Saturday, 26 February 2011

Kayaking at Sembawang Park

A couple of weeks back we went kayaking with some friends ..... not at MacRitchie Reservoir, but at Sembawang in the northern part of Singapore.
Two kayaks and five people did not compute!

Two double kayaks and five people still did not compute!

........ but that was perfectly acceptable as I was the one with the camera and equally happy to go wandering around Sembawang Park while Mala, Sylvia, Siem and John went paddling.
We were indebted to Siem for allowing us the use of the kayaks on this absolutely magical day.
Siem is the Assistant Business Manager for SEAGULL - otherwise known as Kim Tuck Huat Boat Builder (KTHBB), a ISO 9001 : 2000 certified company, was established in 1975. With only a handful of dedicated team of skilled craftsman and a passion for excellence, it set out to build traditional small boats in wood. From this small beginning, KTHBB has grown to emerge as one of the leading boat builders in Asia with a proven reputation for unsurpassed quality and performance.

KTHBB has been operating in Singapore for more than 30 years specialising in the construction of IDBF (International Dragon Boat Federation) certified dragon boats, pleasure crafts, workboats & custom made boats. This would include fabrication and modification of steel structures, trailers and other equipment mainly related to the marine environment.

But do CLICK HERE for further information on their website. 

a few safety checks and they were off!
 time to hit the water
didn't take long for the "kayaking machine" 
to get the hang of 
left, right, left, right, left, right,

a fun day for everyone, 
even though a camera, a cell phone, a wallet
and two people went for a very wet unscheduled 'swim'!

and then it was time to eat!!
there is much to blog about for this day,
about the park and about the kayaks.

But will leave that one for my next blog posting!

in the meantime read the blogs on


and do check out the website for:

and the kayaks

Kim tuck Huat Boat Builder
Block 1005,
Eunos Ave 7, #01-02,
Singapore 409576,
*Nearest MRT Stations: Eunos,

Tel: (65) 6752 5550,
Fax: (65) 6752 5554,

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Saturday, 19 February 2011

walking east along Pasir Panjang Road....

you ready for another walk?

Remember the walk you did along Pasir Panjang Road towards the west, up to Clementi Road?

This one will be in the opposite direction.
OK, lets go ..... we can walk along Pasir Panjang Road from Palm Mansions condo towards Buona Vista Road. Do you know where Pasir Panjang Road is situated?

Here is a map of Singapore .....and it is where the A is situated, SW of the Island. The walk we are doing today is on the map below, just follow the red dots!
it's actually a pleasant walk, we pass by the Machine Gun Pillbox - as seen in the image below -  and past the park lands of NUS (Singapore University). But we also walk by some lovely old homes which I will blog about sometime in the future. 


Our destination is the intersection of Buona Vista Road and Pasir Panjang Road - now known as  Pasir Panjang Village. But from information recently told to me, the original "Pasir Panjang Village" was actually the area at the corner of Clementi Road. If you can locate a street directory of the 1970's, you will see that the intersection (Clementi and Pasir Panjang Rd) was classed as Pasir Panjang. But I am not here to dispute this, I am only giving some "useless information" for your interest only!

Our destination is a centrally located activity center at the junction of South Buona Vista Road, Pasir Panjang and West Coast Highway. A variety of restaurants and pubs are found in this little gathering of refurbished pre-war shop houses. Evenings will typically find a regular crowd of revelers sitting in the open-air courtyard enjoying the night breeze, club like atmosphere and conversation.

We have not eaten at all of them as yet, but have tried the Pizza Place and Hoo Ha Cafe ..... they advertise as having "The best steaks in Singapore" ...... believe me, they do not!  

Give me Botak Jones any day, more flavor, more tender and much cheaper!
But we enjoyed our walk and saw some interesting sights along the way .... but then, this is Singapore and we always expect the unexpected!
We reach the pedestrian crossing, but as you can see we can not 'loiter' here. So we just hope the light turns green before we are "booked for loitering" .... and we continue our walk along the pathway,  but wait.

Whats that up ahead?

Yes .... it is, a rooster, out for his daily constitutional.
wait.... and whats this?

a family having  a picnic right in the middle of the pathway!

yes ..... we must expect the unexpected.

This is what a walk in Singapore is all about. 

The adventure and the unexpected!

and as we walk by and look back, they continue enjoying their time together having a picnic in the middle of the pathway!
hope you enjoyed today's walk along Pasir Panjang Road to Buona Vista Road.

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Thursday, 17 February 2011

The walk to commemorate The Battle of Pasir Panjang!

We assembled at University Cultural Centre at 7.00am on Sunday February 13, close to the area where the Battle of Pasir Panjang was enacted, near the intersection of Clementi Road and the AYE (Ayer Rajah Expressway) here in Singapore.

First image shows the early morning arrivals by cab at the UCC, second and third image's are of the UCC (University Cultural Centre)

 The walk - the red line in the above map - was 6.55 klms long and we saw and experienced many amazing things, not only was it about the Battle of Pasir Panjang, but we did learn a lot about the history of the area, the flora, the fauna and the architecture.

The accounts of this battle are well documented on this amazing resource page that can be found at this link, as well as in a newspaper report in the Straits Times of 13 February 1967 entitled “Fire and Death on Opium Hill” (on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Battle).

We started our walk at the rising of the sun.

and as Jerome Lim mentions on his website:

"One of the interesting reminders of the military past of the ridge is an outpost, a collection of four flat roofed buildings that served as a lookout point over the southward facing slopes of the ridge. 

The roofs made the cluster of buildings, which are set on three levels, easily camouflaged. Much of the area is inaccessible to the public as the buildings are in dilapidated state and it was a treat for me to see the buildings. 

Peeking into some of the rooms of the buildings, it was easy to identify the functions of the rooms as well as to recognise that the lookout would have been self-sufficient. There was one room that was obviously used as a kitchen and another with the remains of an old bathtub – but other than that, very little evidence of anything else remains."

and as seen in the following images, it was certainly worth the experience:

but to try and imagine what it must have been like in these bunkers, day in day out, without modern conveniences ... is very difficult to comprehend.  Looking out from the bunker, this is all that you can see:

we then continued on with our walk...



You may not have any interest in The Battle of Pasir Panjang, but the walk itself is well worth doing.... either join in next February for the guided walk or do parts of this walk - especially along the Kent Ridge area - on your own or with a  group of friends.

Being out and about and exploring these little known parts of Singapore will certainly brighten your day!

Blog posts that maybe of interest on the walk 
or the area are:

But perhaps this one here by 
Jerome Lim sums it up beautifully:

If you are in Singapore, check the National Parks 
website HERE for helpful information.

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