Monday, 9 January 2012

a little bit of consideration .....

and being polite goes a long way when one is a visitor in another country.

Sitting in a restaurant in Little India today with two Indian ladies ..... they had ordered Poori (which is a large soft, thin deep fried bread and completely hollow on the inside) and a few other items including Dosa.

Behind me were a group of tourists, they were loud and being quite obnoxious. But as the food came to our table, one of the group (of tourists) jumped up, came around and said:
"ooohhhh ... I must take a photo of this"

The two Indian ladies were mortified and tried to shield their faces as they turned away. I was more embarrassed than anything, could not understand why this group of Caucasians could act in such a rude manner!

But the tourist, with her little point and shoot camera was totally oblivious to what was happening. She was too busy (and too rude) to take any notice or have any consideration for others.

Would she do this in her own country?

Better still, I wonder how she would react if she were 'at home' and a tourist came running up to her in a restaurant saying.....

"ooohhhh ... I must take a photo of this"

                                     My guess is, that she wouldn't like it one little bit.

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Anonymous said...

Wow that is shockingly rude! I can't believe someone would behave that way.

I hate when I am in a foreign country and another Brit behaves in an obnoxious manner. I try to be considerate and respectful of the local cultures and customs wherever we go, so it infuriates me to see people behaving so badly.