Thursday, 16 February 2012

a little time out .....

With us repatriating to Australia at the end of next week, I doubt I have to mention how hectic life has been! 

Between sorting out our shipment or the telephone, gas and electricity to be connected in Australia to the Internet and banking to be organised here, plus so much more, we have needed every single minute to do all the things that are needed to be done.

But in amongst all this hectic life we are leading, we still need to find the time to be together. To spend time with one another. We cannot just be busy every single day and not think about the other.

John is as busy as I am, but still need to stay connected.

Most of my American friends have what they call "date nights", some couples have a date night once a week, others every two weeks. But its their special time to be together and to reconnect. Its a lovely idea.

In Australia we do not celebrate our "time together' like this, in fact I just don't know of anyone that does. They might go out for dinner without the children every now and then, but they would not call it a "date night".  John and I spend as much time together as we can and yes, we do go out for dinner often, for a walk, to visit an exhibition or a gallery ..... but its not what we would call a "date night".

So since being here and more so in the past couple of months, we have set aside one day a month for our "time out" ..... we will not be able to continue a full day for ourselves once we are back in Australia, but we intend to keep our 'date' to once a month for ourselves. Be it a special dinner, a picnic, a spa, a massage or just a walk in the park. It might not be a full day but it certainly will be part of a day and it will be for us to spend time together without outside influences.

Today was our final "timeout" here in Singapore and we chose two things we wanted to do together, one was to pay a visit to the main Temple in Chinatown and the other was to spend a few hours at Spa Botanica on Sentosa.  Two very different things to do!

I had been to The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum fairly recently, I found The Temple to be very special, so wanted to share this with John. We spent nearly three hours wandering around there today, absorbing the sounds of the chanting and the music, going through the museum, spending time on the rooftop garden and even having lunch there.  John thoroughly enjoyed his visit and was hoping we could spend the whole day at The Temple!

From Chinatown we took a cab to Sentosa for our visit to Spa Botanica ..... what a wonderful afternoon we shared. Spent a lot of time in the pool, we even had a nap on the beach chair before John went off for his mud bath!  We headed over to The Garden  and had a bowl of salad and a fruit and vegetable juice before having another dip in the pool and back inside for a relaxing hot spa tub.
 above: the entrance to Spa Botanica

above: we had a great time in the waterfall pool.

above: there are two waterfall pools and we were the only ones using them.

above: the beach chairs, the garden areas and John preparing himself for the mud bath!

above: mid afternoon snack at The Garden Restaurant was delicious!

above: the hot tub was very relaxing too!

From the time we spent at The Temple to the afternoon at Spa Botanica ... It truly was a magical day for us and would highly recommend this to anyone that may feel the need for some 'timeout'.

Thanks T for the recommendation!

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Anja said...

Wow, Leone, you both look stunning! And what a nice post and pictures! But I am totally surprised to hear that you are going back to Oz...did not see that one coming. So in the end we only met once:-(. Hope you and John are going to an as fantastic life together back in Oz as you seemed to have here. Bye!