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Oscar's Countdown..... part two

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*detailed blog post is to hopefully help others in similar situation*

after we rec'd the first email from AQIS we sent a letter saying we would agree to all their terms, and in part my email reads as follows:

We have read, understood and agree totally with AQIS requirements.

Oscar's brother died here in Singapore in July, we were heart broken beyond belief and just could not imagine leaving Oscar behind as well.  They were brothers and together their whole life (of 14 years) so yes, we will try our best to get Oscar home.

We understand all the implications and accept whatever happens and that it is our responsibility to do what we can for the benefit of Oscar and his well being. Yes, he has medical issues and has improved enormously  since Dr Jennifer prescribed his medication, so we are hoping for the best outcome.

We will go by AQIS's recommendation of providing a private vet to asses Oscar upon his arrival. If they could recommend one, that would also be appreciated.

We honestly believe there is a very good chance of his survival, even if he doesn't, at least we have tried to do whats is best for him. He has been through a lot in his life ..... even managing to survive without his dog 'mother' who died 5 days after he was born. He has been hand reared from that time. Unheard of according to his vet here.

Our main aim is to just get Oscar home and we will do everything we can for that to happen.

cont'd ....

and then on December 15 came the good news:

                      Good News! We just received Oscar's Import Permit this morning.

From then on it was emails back and forth between Rebecca Tan at Mitchville K-9 Kennels and ourselves .... Rebecca has been simply wonderful organising so much for us from her end. From the time the permit came through she then had to make sure there was space for Oscar at the Quarantine station in Melbourne. A few days later a message came to say he was booked in from February 21 for one month ...  then Rebecca started the process for booking the flight which was to be for Feb 20th.

In the meantime we were asking questions about his medication. He has three tablets in the morning and two at night. How to get them to Melbourne?

That was soon settled. Rebecca said they would supply the cooler bag for his medication just so long as I put in enough for 30 days.  The cooler bag is to be attached to the external part of the crate.  We could also attach one bag containing bedding for his arrival at the Quarantine Station for his use whilst there. All bedding in the crate with him will be destroyed on arrival.

December 19 we had the email giving us details about his proposed flight:

Will tentatively arrange flight booking for Oscar to travel on: 
Flight no : QF10
ETD (SIN): 20 Feb (Mon) at 1955 Hrs
ETA (MEL): 21 Feb (Tue) at 0630 Hrs
It is still too early for us to arrange flight booking. QF's booking window for cargo shipment is only open approx 2 weeks prior to shipment date. Will confirm the flight details with you after flight booking is arranged.

We also had an email telling us of the arrangements for his next vet visit:

We will tentatively schedule the followings to be done for Oscar to travel on 20 Feb 2011: 

On 30 Jan, Mon (morning), you will bring Oscar to ARC (at Sunset) for blood collection and frontline. You will need to pay the clinic directly for blood collection and frontline.  After vet visit, our colleague will collect Oscar's blood sample from the vet clinic and submit it to the Govt. Laboratory for testing.

** It is advisable to fast Oscar for at least 24 hours prior to blood collection.

The following visit to the vet is the final one and that was scheduled for Feb 17:

On 17 Feb, Fri (morning), you will bring Oscar to the vet for:
-       Health check
-       Frontline and
-       Deworming

After the vet visit, our colleague will collect the health document from the vet clinic and submit them to the Govt. Authority for endorsement. 
We will pay the vet clinic directly for Oscar's health check and treatment.
**Please do not shower your dog for 2 days before and after the above vet visits.

On January 3rd we rec'd an email from Rebecca (K9 Kennels) informing us that our usual vet would not be on duty for the vet visit already scheduled for Jan 30 and they had moved it to FEB 2nd at 9.15am.

with the added message:

** Please fast Oscar for at least 24 hours prior to his vet visit on 2 Feb 2012 (Thu).

am adding all this information to the blog for others that maybe importing their animals to Australia .... to be prepared for changes / alterations etc. Nothing ends up being straight forward!!

Changes and or alterations to appointments etc are not anyones 'fault', its just the way things are. I am not complaining about anything at all, not the treatment of Oscar, nor any dealings with anyone, we have been more than happy with Rebecca Tan and staff at Mitchville K-9 Kennels. Plus of course the Vets and staff at The Animal Clinic at Sunset Way in Clementi. This relocation has not been straight forward nor has it been easy.

We had many questions for Rebecca, one of them being the Sentinal Medication and if it was still advisable to give it to him. If you have any questions concerning your dogs health or shipment to another country, I strongly advise that you constantly check with the company importing your animal  .... they do this everyday and certainly are the people to be able to advise you.

We even asked about water on the flight. The answer came back immediately:

On the day of check-in, we will attach a water bottle and mug to the travelling crate. Glucose water will be given. Should the pet be diabetic, please let us know in advance so that glucose water will not be given.
The water bottle which will be attached onto your pet's travelling cage is not a ball-bearing type. Our water dispenser will be attached onto the travelling cage and all your pet needs to do is drink from the water bowl.
The device works in a manner such that the water from the bottle will fill the water bowl to a certain level. When the water level in the water bowl drops (after your pet has drank from it), water from the bottle will flow down to refill the water bowl to that pre-determined level.
Thus, your pet will not require any special training to drink from the water dispenser.

Then on January 30 came an email suggesting that his flight be delayed by 24 hours. So instead of flying out on FEB 20 it would now be FEB 21.

Reason was explained as:

Please note that in the event if Oscar did not depart on 20 Feb 2012. (due to Qantas delays) We will be required to rearrange Oscar's health check, frontline, treatment, documents to be endorse by Government and additional charges will apply.
As recently QF flight was delayed for days. Therefore we recommend Oscar's depart date is on 21 Feb (Tue) if possible. We will check with Spotswood Quarantine Station for their approval for Oscar to arrive on 21 Feb (Tue). After we receive the approval from quarantine we will arrange his health check, frontline and treatment on 20 Feb 2012 (Mon).

What they are saying is that if his flight remained at FEB 20 and his final vet check was FEB 17 and then the flight was delayed (as it has happened recently) we would have to have the health check and treatment redone as it needs to be done up to 4 days prior to departure only. By moving his final vet visit to FEB 20 and his flight FEB 21 all should go well even if there was a flight delay!!


I agree, it has been confusing .... but as with everything, if you deal with one day at a time or one issue at a time .... you can actually achieve the intended result!!

Now for the latest travel arrangements we rec'd in an email just yesterday:

Kindly be informed that we have rearranged Oscar to travel on:
Flight no: QF10
ETD (SIN): 21 Feb (Tue) at 1955 Hrs
ETA (MEL): 22 Feb (Wed) at 0630 Hrs
Airwaybill number : ********
Status: Awaiting for airline's confirmation
Have made an appointment on 20 Feb (Mon), 11 am for Oscar's health check, frontline and dewormer with Dr Greetha Nathan at Animal Clinic (Clementi) as Dr Jennifer is not on duty. Thus, my colleague will meet you at Animal Clinic (Clementi) unit no #01-31 at 10.30 am.
On 21 Feb (Tue), my colleague will pick up Oscar and travelling cage for his air travel.
We will contact you when closer to date for the confirm meet up time on 20 Feb (Mon) and pick up time to airport.

Like I mentioned earlier, Mitchville K-9 Kennels, have been excellent and have been advising us of any change as soon as they are aware of it too.

Today - Thursday FEB 2 2012 - Oscar had his appointment at the vet at 9.15am for the bloodwork, the frontline, the Kennel Cough immunisation, his yearly vaccination and the usual antihistamine he gets too. Plus of course a health check.

We left home at 8.30am and returned at 11.20am.... again, nothing is straight forward!

The continued story will be in the next blog post:

Oscar's Countdown..... part three

above: Oscar at the vets this morning. 
Image off IPhone in the operating theatre, so please excuse bad lighting!


if you are importing your animal to Australia, make sure you have all the documents completed, scanned and ready for when required.
Start the process at least 3 months ahead of your proposed date of travel.
Read the Australian Quarantine website thoroughly.
Be flexible where you can so there are 'no surprises' at the last moment.
Make sure you have a good vet that knows your animal.

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