Monday, 12 March 2012

Oscar's Countdown..... part five!

We have now been back in Australia for two weeks!!

But huge apologies to my loyal followers ..... have not posted for two weeks and so much has been happening I just have not had the 'time'. Plus of course we are sharing the one laptop and John really has the priority on it, so for me to gain access for a couple of hours means I need to get up well before he does or sneak a quick go at it while he is busy elsewhere!

The other issue is that the internet access is Australia is a lot slower than we had in Singapore. So need to allow 'double time' to get anything done. Cannot complain of course, its just a sad fact of life that we need to accept!
The best news of all over the past two weeks the best news of all is that Oscar is doing super well in Quarantine. No one expected this, least of all the Quarantine staff that are amazed at how well he is coping. We are hoping it is the cooler weather and if that is the case, then we are and have done, the right thing in bringing him home.

To read the blog posts on the lead up to his repatriation, do click HERE which explain the 'problems' we faced in bringing him to Australia.

The following images were taken over the past two weeks while he has been in Quarantine:

Only two weeks before he is released from Quarantine and we can take him home!!!!

Roll on March 23 2012..... for his 14th birthday is March 24 and we are anxious to have him HOME with us to celebrate.

Stay tuned for further blog posts as soon as I am am able to. Promise!

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