Thursday, 12 April 2012

countdown: one week!

Our shipment is due in ONE WEEK. That means only one week left of living in an empty house ......

The shipping company phoned yesterday to say the delivery would take place next Wednesday. This is good news. We are starting to feel like we are 'camping' with just a bed and a few chairs. We certainly need our things around us, we need to feel 'settled' as soon as we can. 

The renovations are slowly progressing, but both of us want everything done 'yesterday' and not good with playing the waiting game! The kitchen is about half completed and there are still other things to be finished as well.

I am fed up with living amongst renovations, builders things, dust, paint cans and mess.....

But it is a beautiful sunny day here in Ballan, I have Oscar sitting at my feet and John is outside cleaning a few things around the back patio area.

All is good.

My previous blog post about our shipment, is HERE.

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