Thursday, 21 June 2007


Window display, Austin, Texas. USA
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The photo above is one of three that I took of a window display while wandering around Austin, Texas last week.

I have just put some of these photos up on the Flickr site:

The city advertizes itself as being "weird".......... and postcards, TShirts etc have "Keep Austin Weird" on them............and believe me, it is kinda weird!

Though probably I am more inclined to say it is a "city of contrasts".
Some of the homes in the hills surrounding Austin are worth up to 40 million (yep.....US dollars) and yet there are beggars on just about every street corner. Ot there are area's that are lovely and green and around the corner it is dry, dusty and dirty.
Such contrasts in every area of living, travelling, visiting or working in Austin.

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