Tuesday, 2 October 2007


So much has been happening and I keep meaning to "update THE blog" but I never seem to get AROUNDTOIT.......

I write letters, you know, those REAL ones you put stamps on and put them in a post box and they arrive at their required destination a few days later ...... if you are lucky. Writing REAL letters takes a lot of time and thought, mainly because you want to write with feeling and thoughts for the receiver. So I probably write about 6 letters a week....if I can get AROUNDTOIT.

Then on top of that there are emails to reply to....heaps of them. Now it is not so easy to reply to these immediately, but if you don't reply within the required 24 hours, then the sender is sending another one and asking "where are you"??? Hang on a minute..... I have a few other things to do first and then I might get AROUNDTOIT!!

Apart from the real letters and the emails....there is now FACEBOOK!

Yep, good old Facebook with it's walls to write on, messages to send, replies to be done, beers to be sent, a few hugs to be sent as well don't forget......oh, yes, then there are the quizz's to complete. My gosh, there goes another hour of the day.....and yes, I will post a message on your wall when I get AROUNDTOIT.

OK- we have gone thru the real letters, the emails, facebook and whats next?

Yes.......time consuming FLICKR!!!

Flickr where a lot of my photos are uploaded for others to view and where we have many contacts and friends that leave nice comments on your photos and then if you have lots of contacts and flickr friends.....then you need to go look at their photos and make nice constructive and helpful comments too. With this though I am very lucky as I have some really nice friendly contacts that take extra wonderful photos and so I enjoy taking a wander thru their photostream and leaving nice comments.....and then if I can get AROUNDTOIT I will go look at some other peoples photos and that takes a lot of time once I get tied up and engrossed in looking at all these exceptionally beautiful photographs!

So there are real letters, emails, facebook, flickr and whats next?

Aha ha..... SKYPE....... now there is a lot of time spent on SKYPE........ that is when I get AROUNDTOIT....I could easily spend an hour or more a day chatting to family and friends. So cheap and easy to make contact with anyone at anytime. But you gotta make sure you have left some time during the day for this too.

Now I have mentioned real letters, emails, facebook, flickr, skype.......we should add cell phone calls, landline calls and SMS messages too.....

and then, last but not least, THE BLOG....and now that I have got AROUNDTOIT....I will update it today....


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